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Meet the team

Where modern science meets ancient wisdom

The Katharsis Team is a living example of synchronicity, the result of a series of coincidences that continues to unite like-minded people committed to building resilient models of wellbeing rooted in science and spirituality.


Alfonso Siniscalchi

Executive Creative Director


Bhaktananda Cazumba do Rio

Yoga teacher, musician & space holder


Gabrielle Moura

Lead Space Holder &
Art Therapist


Isadora Klene

Anthropologist & Writer


Luca Galeano

Musician & Space holder


Lua AI

Digital Pathfinder & Experience Companion


Licia Mazzamuto

Musician & Space holder


Antonin Cohen

Business Advisor


Alexander Lebedev, MD PhD


Alexander is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist with over 15 years experience in clinical and biomedical research. His academic work is focused on understanding complex relationships between global societal dynamics and people's health, wellbeing, beliefs and decision-making. As a part of his academic career, he published dozens of peer-reviewed articles on brain imaging, socionomics, psychopharmacology, psychedelics and coordinated several research studies, including Sweden’s first clinical trial investigating psilocybin's potential to treat depression. Alexander's mission is to develop novel wellbeing models that foster individual and societal resilience.


Emily Biesmans, MD


Emily Biesmans, British/Belgian national, holds a Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences from Manchester University and a M.D (Medical Doctorate) from the Medical University of Warsaw. Emily completed her post-graduate medical training at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta. Emily has experience with a number of plant medicines, through which she received her own healing and life changing experiences. Emily has trained in therapeutic work with non-ordinary states of consciousness and has received certified training in Ibogaine assisted therapy by Jonathan Dickinson, director of GITA (Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance).  Being passionate about nutrition and mind-body medicine, Emily is also pursuing further training in Functional Medicine.


Amir Chalaby, MD


Amir achieved his Doctor of Medicine degree from Poznan University of Medical Sciences. After graduation he finished his core training in Malta where he gained experience in the core branch of Internal Medicine, in particular Cardiology and Emergency medicine. Pursuing his interests in the human psyche, Amir went on to work as a psychiatry resident in Norway. Throughout his studies of the human mind, Amir became increasingly interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness and went on to receive training in Ibogaine-Assisted Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Amir's mission is to amalgamate traditional psychiatry with therapeutic work through altered states of consciousness. 


Luigi Espasiano, MD


Luigi received his MD from the University of Naples and worked as a clinical fellow at Imperial College London's Psychedelic Research Group  on pioneering psilocybin and DMT trials. Luigi served as a resident in a variety of units including Psychiatry at Geneva University Hospital and Anaesthesiology at University of Milano hospital. Beyond his medical pursuits, Luigi finds immense inspiration in the study of Eastern philosophies, continually exploring their profound wisdom and transformative power. 

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