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Referral Programme

Discover the full benefits of plant and fungi medicine with our special offers. Led by a highly professional team of medical doctors and traditional healers, our premium programmes are now more accessible than ever. Don't miss out on these limited time deals!

Liquid Drop
Liquid Drop


Get a

15% discount

for each friend who joins the programme


"Spread care, share the journey..." 

Use our referral programme "Ripples" and share the transformative power of plant and fungi medicine with your friends and family. Refer a friend to our premium psychedelic programs with medical doctors and traditional healers, and you'll receive a 15% discount. for each person who joins.  Help us spread the healing and growth that psychedelics can provide.


Why Katharsis Journeys?

One of the most significant contributors to human health and wellbeing is connection. Feeling alone. Feeling like we don’t belong. Feeling like nobody cares. Those are some of the deepest fears we carry.

Our experience shows that the western approach to health and wellness has some severe limitations, most notably is the tendency to approach humans as if they were machines and treat symptoms as if they are causes.



We are, as human, part of a bigger ecosystem, we believe the healing comes from connecting to other humans and to ourselves. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment that facilitates deep inner explorations and true, lasting wellbeing.

to Participant ratio


Our deepest wish is to bring to the world a different model of wellbeing, one that is based on intimate connection to oneself and others, one that fosters community and true self-development, one that fosters resilience and inner strength.

 Extensive preparation
and integration


After careful screening followed by a psychological preparation for the psychedelic experience. At the retreat we implement various psychological and spiritual practices to create a safe container for your experience and to align your mind, body and soul. 


"What a beautiful and valuable experience. The way in which the Katharsis team genuinely combines modern scientific knowledge with the age-old traditions of the use of plant medicines is particularly strong. The broad and personal approach is also reflected in the team of doctors, musicians, assistants and the shaman. In addition to professionals, very pure people who, with their experience and skills, know how to create a safe environment in which every person is given the space to grow. The structure of ceremonies, conversations and activities was perfect. I'm very impressed."


"Thank you for helping me to understand better and to accept myself for being me. The love and kindness that you offer with your approach to psychiatric "care" vs "treatment" is paramount to connect with the patients who truly need it the most."


"The experience of Katharsis Journeys is something that brought me years worth of therapy in terms of healing and growth, as well as an environment that was warm and authentic, yet professional. The teams of traditional healers and medical doctors worked in unison, showing a beautiful display of what it means to connect our past and our future. After just 5 days, I had the equivalent of a month's rest and I returned more equipped to deal with the challenges of my work. "


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