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We made it our mission is to bring to the world a different model of wellbeing, one that is based on intimate connection to oneself and others, one that fosters community and true self-development, one that fosters resilience and inner strength.

Retreat Program


  • One-on-one preparation prior to your arrival


The Retreat


  • 2 Truffle Ceremonies supported with live music

  • 4 nights stay at the retreat center in double room (private room available upon request)

  • One-on-one sessions with one of our facilitators

  •  1:3 facilitator to participant ratio

  • Vegetarian meals with locally sourced food

  • Yoga 

  • Qi Gong 

  • Meditation 

  • Breathwork

  • Nutritional counseling



  • 60 min private integration following the ceremony to help you elaborate and ground the experience

Venwoude is a unique retreat center in the Netherlands, situated on a beautiful estate in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It is known for its excellent organic food, its simple but high-quality accommodations, its well-kept gardens and its general atmosphere of loving care and spiritual depth.

New Eden is a unique residential retreat center surrounded by 50 acres of calm and quiet land, 90 minutes from Amsterdam. Since August 1994 (almost 30 years), this land has hosted hundreds of events and brought inspiration to thousands of participants on the path of personal transformation.

More than a venue, New Eden is a healing environment perfectly suited for deep dive immersive experiences.

Innessence is a retreat haven where, from a biocentric point of view and the ideas of an eco-village, offers a beautiful retreat place for groups. Innessence is located in the beautiful Limburg countryside between Weert and Roermond. It offers space for creative and conscious entrepreneurs to shape their retreats in a healthy way. Our site is located on former monastery Stokershorst.

Located on the edge of a tranquil forest, Zonnehuis (Sunhouse) is the perfect destination for those seeking a transformative inward exploration. With its abundant flora and fauna, the serene environment ensures an unforgettable experience throughout your journey.

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