Our Approach

At Katharsis, we work in a holistic manner, consisting of these three important domains: the body, mind and soul. You will notice this theme reappearing throughout your katharsis journey, from preparation to integration.


So what will your journey look like?

Guest Journey


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We will be working on this side of things from our very first call together, discussing your physical health, nutrition and general fitness level. 

As part of our preparation calls, we will be discussing in detail the optimisation of your health before you even join us. Once we have discussed where you feel you are with regards to this, we will then implement a preparation plan that fits in with your daily life, that includes diet specifics and movement of the body, as well as advice on any health issues that might be hindering you. 


Aside from the ample scientific evidence surrounding Psilocybin’s effects on the brain, we will also be placing focus on the healthy movement of your body with different modalities.You will be learning the practices of Qi Gong and Yoga, taught by our skilled instructors.


“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

Nutrition will also be a key part of the retreat. Included in the total package for our programs is a consultation with our doctor with nutrition training, where your diet will be assessed and you have the chance to receive a personal plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Aside from our preparation sessions in which we can discuss optimisation of diet before the retreat, the food is prepared with each guest in mind and will be mostly plant-based with some vegetarian additions (for those who wish). Everything is sourced locally. Our meals will be light but nutritious and you will not go hungry!

After the retreat, another dedicated integration session will be scheduled with you to follow up on these practices. Here we will follow up and implement final nutritional  advice, as well as continuation of the body movement work we started together at the retreat.


We will start to explore and prepare the mind in our second call together. This will be about getting to know your history and psychological background. This will also include additional screening for any mental health that would be a contraindication for the retreats, as well as optimisation of any more minor mental health problems  before you join us. 


During the retreat, we will focus on mindfulness and meditative practices. These practices will be valuable tools for your work with the truffles and enable you to start integrating your post-ceremony teachings and ideas more efficiently, with focus and clarification.


After the retreat, we have a dedicated integration session with the mind in focus. Here we will be checking in with you to and provide further guidance with implementing the techniques into life back home and delving into any blockages that have come up since leaving us.

What we aim to do in this part of our preparation and integration sessions is to start to talk about purpose, our ‘raison d’etre. In other words, our Ikigai. 


The venn-diagram from the book Ikigai, puts nicely into a visual representation one way to look at this.

This is about the evolution of the soul and expansion of consciousness, consolidating what you have learnt during the ceremonies and time with us, implementing it into everyday life.