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Licia Mazzamuto

Musician & Space holder

I was born in Sicily, Italy, in a family of school teachers. I got two master degrees, Sport Science and Science of Psychological Training, with a thesis in social psychology with full marks and honours. Today, I teach to inmates of a maximum-security prison, and, as a side project, also teach my students how to manage their emotions.


For as long as I remember myself, I have always been a very curious person, enjoying to dive deep beyond the surface of things. With the belief in knowledge and cultural exchange as tools for personal growth, my passions for travels led me to many beautiful places in the world, including India, Central America and Africa.


My truest and biggest passion is music. It has been inspiring and guiding me throughout my whole life. I began to sing when I was a child and since then never stopped. Through transitions between pop, rock and jazz, I eventually landed into shamanic songs (Icaros) and other types of healing music.

I believe that the communion of science and indigenous traditions will help us all explore a new frontier in human knowledge and evolution.

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