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Irene Mariconda


Lead spaceholder

I was born in Rome in 1967. From the age of 14 I developed a strong interest in literature, philosophy and theology.  Due to a physical discomfort present in my life I isolated myself from peers by diving into the studies of eastern philosophy and undertaking first steps in Kabbalah.  At the end of 1985, life brought me to India where I ended up living for 3 more years.  


In 1990, I visited Sicily to spend a holiday there. After recognising it as an important place of 'energy power', I decided to move to the sea, at the foot of the Etna volcano, and began to experience my growth as a woman, mother and wife.  

A few years later, I decided to continue the travels around the globe interacting with a variety of native cultures, recognising that openness to different worldviews and the possibilities of life is the most important teacher one can have in becoming a helping figure to others.  

In 2000, I began to deepen all the teachings handed down from the North and South Americas. In 2013, I met my first teacher of Amazonian medicines from whom I gained knowledge in Kambo, Rapé (sacred tobacco), and Ayahuasca.  This path led me to meet my Godmother who, after some time, granted me the consent to become a link between the healing forces of medicines and the people who choose to undertake the path of healing.  For several years, I have been working with medicines of the Amazon rainforest and psilocybin. 

In 2016, I studied the American traditions of working with psilocybe mushrooms and later the truffles of Northern Europe.  


I honour and support the work of my Godmother recognising the importance of guidance of an 'elderly' master to achieve a healthy and balanced path as a healer.  

Today, I continue my traveler’s path to study different traditions of plant and fungi medicine. On this journey I keep meeting the teachers who pass their knowledge to new generations of healers with an intention of approaching this work with clear intentions and respect. I strive to continue to grow and to become a better 'Agent' between the wise teachings of the realm of the Spirit and its all-encompassing care for humanity.

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