“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”

William Faulkner

27-30 December 2022      Venwoude, Netherlands


€ 5000

€ 2990

40% discount for early subscribers
available for:

Maximum 16 participants

The retreat includes:




Consultation with medical doctor

1 online consultation with one of our medical doctors for a physical and mental screening to declare your fitness to attend the retreat

Psilocybin truffle ceremonies 

2 Ceremonies, one conducted in the night and the other in the daylight
led by traditional healers and support with live musical performance

Accommodation in a beautiful vanue

Preparation sessions with experienced facilitator

3 sessions of 60min each conducted online prior to your arrival at the center to ensure optimal preparation before the ceremonies

Sacred Tobacco (Rapeh)

Rapé (amazonian snuff containing tobacco, considered a sacred medicine by amazonian tribes​) is offered during the ceremonies

Organic vegetarian food

4 nights stay at the retreat center in single or double room.



Qi Gong

Guided meditation

Extended integration

3 sessions of 60min private ‘integration’ sessions following the ceremony to further help you incorporate the learned experience​ into your life

Online group integration session and sharing

Intensive integration

Sharing circles

One-on-one integration

Nutritional advice

Further guidance

Possibility for further referrals and follow-up​

Further guidance and contacts with psychedelic-friendly therapists

What a beautiful and valuable experience. The way in which the Katharsis team genuinely combines modern scientific knowledge with the age-old traditions of the use of plant medicines is particularly strong. The broad and personal approach is also reflected in the team of doctors, musicians, assistants and the shaman. In addition to professionals, very pure people who, with their experience and skills, know how to create a safe environment in which every person is given the space to grow. The structure of ceremonies, conversations and activities was perfect. I'm very impressed.

Steven van Ooy