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Emily Biesmans, MD

CO-FOUNDER, Chief Experience Officer

I was born in Belgium to British parents in 1991. During my childhood, I had a deep connection to nature and very fortunately, grew up next to large forests, always an animal by my side. From a very young age, I had a deep calling to care for whomever I felt was vulnerable in any way, and my connection to animals and nature was extremely apparent and powerful.


I loved the Sciences at school and went on to receive my BsC with a 2:1 in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Manchester. There, I developed a deep passion for Neuroscience. However, I longed for a career that had more of a personal interaction with people, and I decided to become a doctor. I received my Medical Doctorate in Poland.

During my years training in the public hospital, I got to work in a number of  different specialities. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the medical side of my training, I felt that working in this manner didn’t allow me to include the human as a whole, to work holistically. 


My passion for ‘functional medicine’ and ‘nutrition’ became ever stronger and I felt this was the way that I would like to work holistically.  I have experienced first hand the healing and personal growth that can occur with psychedelic medicines and I wish to amalgamate the worlds of western medicine, psychedelic assisted therapy and functional medicine into my career as a doctor.

I currently work part time in the Emergency Department in Malta and I devote the rest of my time to my passion of holistic and psychedelic medicine. 

‘’I am passionate and convinced that these worlds colliding will bring a true healing process to the ailments of humans ‘’

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