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Premium transformational psilocybin programmes

run by medical doctors alongside traditional healers


Catharsis from Greek κάθαρσις, katharsis, meaning "purification", "cleansing" is the purgation of emotions that results in renewal and restoration.

Hello, we are
Katharsis Journeys

Katharsis Journeys is a holistic team running premium psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands. Our approach is deeply rooted in the amalgamation of science and spirituality. Our group takes active part in novel developments in psychedelic research and incorporates them into our daily work. Besides that, we strongly believe in the healing power of nature, and its positive effect on humans.

At Katharsis, you will see doctors and traditional healers working shoulder to shoulder representing a living example of our mission, which is to bring values of communal healing to the western models of mental health and well-being.

Who are the people
behind Katharsis?

Katharsis was founded by a team of medical doctors with expertise in psychedelic science with a goal to provide research-grade support and safety for people embarking on legal psychedelic journeys with psilocybin.

We are striving toward establishing a friendly dialogue between academic science and spirituality,  paying respect to traditional methods of working with entheogens. This is why we have chosen to include representatives from both of these worlds in our team


Our Mission

The ultimate mission of Katharsis is to contribute to weaving more resilience and compassion into the fabric of society by embracing holistic approaches to wellbeing and time-tested values of communal healing.

In pursuing this, we are committed to supporting truth-seeking souls in their journeys toward self-discovery and healing. Our programmes are created for those who have decided to undergo a legal psychedelic experience and are looking for top-quality professional support in this space.

Read more about psilocybin and what current research tells about its risks and benefits.

How do we work?

In our work ethic, we align with a set of rules and standards to make sure that you get the most out of your transformational journey. After careful screening for potential contraindications, our programmes begins with a detailed online introduction into the science of classic psychedelics and their known mechanisms of action followed by a careful psychological preparation for the psychedelic experience. At the retreat, with is held at a beautiful location in the Netherlands, we implement various psychological and spiritual practices to create a safe container for your experience and to align your mind, body and soul. We allocate three weeks for integration to provide smooth landing and to help you incorporate the learned insights into your life.


The Venue

Our retreats are held in a number of beautiful locations in the Netherlands surrounded by nature.

Our Next retreat will be at Venwoude, a beautiful retreat center situated on a spectacular estate in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It is known for its excellent organic food, its simple but high-quality accommodations, its well-kept gardens and its magical atmosphere, loving care and spiritual depth.


Why Katharsis?

One of the most significant contributors to human health and wellbeing is connection. Feeling alone. Feeling like we don’t belong. Feeling like nobody cares. Those are some of the deepest fears we carry.

Our experience shows that the western approach to health and wellness has some severe limitations, most notably is the tendency to approach humans as if they were machines and treat symptoms as if they are causes.

At Katharsis we see things differently. We consider humans as part of a bigger ecosystem, we believe the healing comes from connecting to other humans and to ourselves. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment that facilitates deep inner explorations and true, lasting wellbeing.

Our deepest wish is to bring to the world a different model of wellbeing, one that is based on intimate connection to oneself and others, one that fosters community and true self-development, one that fosters resilience and inner strength. Our retreat programmes are designed with those intentions and values, we wish to see you soon.





Legal Status

Psilocybin containing truffles are fully legal to use in the Netherlands.

Whilst recent scientific research has shown promising findings on Psilocybin's potential to improve wellbeing, resilience and cognitive flexibility, it is not currently approved as a medical treatment.

You can find high-quality informations on the legal status and state of research of Psilocybin at Drug Science, a UK-based independent scientific body founded and led by prof. David Nutt, chair of Psychopharmacology at Imperial College London

Researched Benefits

Reduced anxiety

Griffiths et al. (2016) showed capacity of psilocybin to produce  sustained decreases in anxiety in patients suffering from life-threatening conditions.

Spiritual growth

The Johns Hopkins study in healthy individuals, 67% of the volunteers rated the experience with psilocybin to be either the single most meaningful experience of their life or among the top five most meaningful experiences. 

Improved mood

Reduced craving

In a study by Johnson et al. (2017) investigating psilocybin-assistant smoking cessation, 67% of participants were confirmed as smoking abstinent at 12-month follow-up. At long-term follow-up, 60% were confirmed as smoking abstinent. 

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What a beautiful and valuable experience. The way in which the Katharsis team genuinely combines modern scientific knowledge with the age-old traditions of the use of plant medicines is particularly strong. The broad and personal approach is also reflected in the team of doctors, musicians, assistants and the shaman. In addition to professionals, very pure people who, with their experience and skills, know how to create a safe environment in which every person is given the space to grow. The structure of ceremonies, conversations and activities was perfect. I'm very impressed.

Steven van Ooy

Remember, You are a miracle!


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