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Amir Chalaby, MD

Co-founder, Chief Operation & Medical Officer

I have always had an immense passion for the human mind and been possessed with an unquenchable thirst to explore its grandness and unsolved mysteries. This, mixed together with a love for science led me to enroll in med-school with the aim of going into the field of psychiatry.


During my time in medical school I went through what I, in retrospect refer to as an existential crisis. In terms of belief systems I considered myself an atheist and a hard headed scientist with little acceptance for any phenomenon beyond the measurable reality with either our 5 common senses or our technological machines. This led to a downward spiral, where in the absence of any grander meaning or purpose for life and existence, an increasingly growing black hole was forming in my soul. My resurrection came in the form of somehow stumbling upon a fellow classmate, someone who had knowledge and experience with eastern philosophy, spirituality and non-ordinary states of consciousness. For me he became the bridge into this so far neglected and unknown dimension.


I became increasingly involved in the spiritual domain of human existence, and found myself digging deeper and deeper into ancient wisdom and practices  regarding this realm. I explored all kinds of techniques and methods which induce altered states of consciousness, states that in lack of better understanding are often referred to as mystical experiences. The techniques I explored ranged from fasting, breathwork, yoga, meditation and psychedelic plants.


My dream and mission is to amalgamate traditional psychiatry with therapeutic work through altered states of consciousness, and to create a bridge between science and spirituality.

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