Legal Psilocybin retreats run by medical doctors

Catharsis from Greek κάθαρσις, katharsis, meaning "purification", "cleansing" is the purgation of emotions that results in renewal and restoration.

our values

The ultimate mission of Katharsis is to contribute to weaving stronger and more compassionate society.

In pursuing this mission we are committed to support truth-seeking souls in their journeys toward self-discovery and healing.


Specifically, we first create a solid container for your experience by conducting in-depth preparatory sessions before your arrival at the center and support after you leave; Second, our team creates a safe space for inner exploration by bringing together medical doctors as well as traditional healers with decades of experience working with plant medicines; Third, our approach is truly holistic and other than the truffle ceremony, we will do extensive inner work through Yoga, Qi Gong, Cold Therapy, Martial Arts and Breathwork.

legal status

Psilocybin containing truffles are fully legal to use in the Netherlands;


Whilst recent scientific research has shown promising findings on Psilocybin's potential to improve wellbeing, resilience and cognitive flexibility, it is not currently approved as a medical treatment.


You can find high-quality informations on the legal status and state of research of Psilocybin at Drug Science, a UK-based independent scientific body founded and led by prof. David Nutt, chair of Psychopharmacology at Imperial College London.

REtreats and team

Our retreats are organised and run by a team of medical doctors alongside traditional healers and highly experienced facilitators.


We pay special attention to the music which we believe is an integral part of the healing process. All of our ceremonies will have professional musicians performing live music. The music is synchronised in real time to the energy of the group. What this means is that instead of a playlist or a band playing through a series of songs at a preset order, the music is synchronised to the energy field in the room and tailored to the stage of the ceremony. Our facilitators are lifetime practitioners of Yoga, Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Meditation and Breathwork. 

What is included in the retreat?


  • 1 online consultation with one of our doctors for a physical and mental screening to declare your safety

  • 3x 60min online ‘preparation’ consultations with a psychotherapist before your arrival


Retreat program

  • 1 Truffle Ceremony with live music

  • 3 nights stay at the retreat center in double room (private room available upon request)

  • Small groups. Minimum 2:1 facilitator to participant ratio

  • Maximum 12 participants

  • Vegetarian meals with locally sourced food

  • Yoga sessions

  • Qi Gong sessions

  • Guided meditation sessions

  • Breathwork workshops

  • Nutritional advice with our trained doctor

  • Ecotherapy



  • 3x 60min private ‘integration’ sessions following the ceremony to help you integrate the experience

  • Possibility for further referrals and follow-up



  • Our information booklet which is given to all participants upon booking a retreat

  • Transport to and from the venue from Amsterdam airport


Our retreats are held at The New Eden Center, 90 minutes away from Amsterdam. The center is surrounded by vast green areas making it particularly suited for inner work.

why join katharsis

Our approach is unique in bringing together respected healers  and qualified medical doctors.


Our retreats aim to offer the best of the two worlds, combining insights from western science and ancient wisdom.


upcoming events

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AUG, 12-13-14

12 participants

from 1500€ p.p.

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SEPT, 2-3-4

12 participants

from 1500€ p.p.


Thanks for subscribing!

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1. screening questionnaire and initial call

You will be contacted by one of our team members to set up an initial call during which we will ask about your intentions to attend our retreats, your physical and mental health.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the call with on of our doctors.


This is called the "screening phase" and it is essential to help us determine wether our retreats are suitable for you.

2. Preparation

Following our initial conversation, the "preparation" phase commences. We believe that the work shall start early.


As part of our retreat package we offer three 60 minutes consultations with in-depth guidance on how to prepare your body and mind for the journey ahead.

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3. At the centre

The atmosphere at the centre is very special. We often invite respected healers that bring decades of experience working with psychedelics in traditional and ceremonial contexts. 

We offer 3 days retreats with two ceremonies, on the first and the second day; In all our ceremonies we work with live musical performance. See the retreats page for more details.

Next dates: 12-13-14 August | 2-3-4 September

4. Continued Integration

Only you can bring a true and sustained change in your life. You can be assured that the insights and tools acquired during your retreat will follow you home, but as with all good things in life, true change comes with continuous, diligent and persistent effort. 

To support you during this process, we will be there all the way and guide you with three 60 minutes integration sessions. This is included in our retreat package. Should you wish for more of our guidance, there is an option to book in additional integration sessions.

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founding team


Emily Biesmans, MD


Emily Biesmans, British/Belgian national, holds a Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences from Manchester University and a M.D (Medical Doctorate) from the Medical University of Warsaw. Emily completed her post-graduate medical training at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta. Emily has experience with a number of plant medicines, through which she received her own healing and life changing experiences. Emily has trained in therapeutic work with non-ordinary states of consciousness and has received certified training in Ibogaine assisted therapy by Jonathan Dickinson, director of GITA (Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance).  Being passionate about nutrition and mind-body medicine, Emily is also pursuing further training in Functional Medicine.

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Amir Chalaby, MD


Amir achieved his Doctor of Medicine degree from Poznan University of Medical Sciences. After graduation he finished his core training in Malta where he gained experience in the core branched of Internal Medicine, in particular Cardiology and Emergency medicine. Pursuing his interests in the human psyche, Amir went on to work as a psychiatry resident in Norway. Throughout his studies of the human mind, Amir became increasingly interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness and went on to receive training in Ibogaine-Assisted Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Amir's mission is to amalgamate traditional psychiatry with therapeutic work through altered states of consciousness. 


Alexander Lebedev, MD PhD


Alexander is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist with over 15 years experience in clinical and biomedical research. His academic work is focused on understanding complex relationships between global societal dynamics and people's health, wellbeing, beliefs and decision-making. As a part of his academic career, he published dozens of peer-reviewed articles on brain imaging, socioeconomics, psychopharmacology, psychedelics and coordinated several research studies, including Sweden’s first clinical trial investigating psilocybin's potential to treat depression. Alexander's mission is to develop novel wellbeing models that foster individual and societal resilience.


Luigi Espasiano, MD


Luigi received his MD from the University of Naples.  In 2018 Luigi worked as a clinical fellow at Imperial College London Psychedelic Research Group where he worked on pioneering psilocybin trial. To deepen his clinical experience, Luigi took resident positions in Psychiatry at Geneva University Hospital and Anaesthesiology in Milano.  Luigi’s ambition is to create safe access to psychedelic therapies and build an integral model of health care.